Project Gutenberg – a well polished Hong Kong crime movie

The high end production value of this movie reminded me of the Infernal Affair series (which was remake by Martin Scorsese into The Departed). The story is better than it’s usual over-dramatized asian cinema counterparts.
Both lead actors are top notch, especially John Woo’s regular Chow Yun-Fat who is back in top form as the diabolical ring leader of the money counterfeiting gang. Aaron Kwok is terrific as the failed artist who was roped in by Chow to be the lead artist in his counterfeit ring. The movie went into painstaking detail on how to meticulously forge the new $100 US currency, down to the specific fiber and ink used to print the money with. It’s longer than 2 hour runs flew by due to the exciting action sequence and the fascinating process of forging a US currency shown in much details in this film.