The Haunting of Hill House – a horror serie that transcend it’s genre

This is the first time I write a review about a Netflix series because I believe The Haunting of Hill House deserve this special mention. I absolutely love the original 1960s version called THE HAUNTING, which was impressively scary because it was made such a long time ago and still scare the bejesus out of viewers today. Then they remade the movie into The Haunting with Catherine Zeta Jones in 1999, which was a terrible version. The legacy is redeemed with this series. I want to lavish all kinds of praise to it but all I have to say is that this 10 episodes are so good, it become one of my all time favorite movie, not just in the horror genre, but an overall favorite. The amount of details, the love of the craft in storytelling and painstaking effort the people who make this project put into the film is astounding. You can go back and rewatching it again and see so many things that you missed on first viewing. There are so many ghosts, apparitions, creepy children on the background that was not at first apparent, that you will notice on second or third viewing. Did I mention that episode 7 is comprises of 5 super long non-cut takes? Everyone have to be so on point with their acting chops to hit their marks in order to accomplish such a feat in long takes. The camera move from current set to flashback sequences seamlessly and the actors, especially the children are incredible in those long take scenes. You have heard all the good things about this series, it’s about time to experience it yourself. The last 20 minutes of this series is profound and make a regular horror series into a great story.