London Fields – the worst movie of 2018, made in 2014/5

This movie look like Amber Heard’s acting reel supported by all the good looking make co-stars who were there as story fillers. I went to see this movie just to gawk at the young Amber Heard circa 2014. This movie was completed in 2014 but then it imploded into a ball of pariah when the director Matthew Cullen filed a lawsuit against the producers of this film in September 2015, claiming that they engaged in “fraudulent efforts” to revise the movie without his knowledge. The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against producers Chris Hanley and Jordan Gertner, as well as Muse Productions and Nicola Six Ltd. The movie did not fare any better after going through six scriptwriter and it look very dated because of the highly publicized break up of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Both of them still look very cozy with each other in this film which clearly shown the movie were made prior to their massive break out. This movie was very hard to follow and everyone except for Billy Bob Thornton were grossly overacting their roles. Watching this movie was like seeing an ABC soap opera from the 1980s when overacting was a thing back then. So many wasted talent in this movie and the lush, overmanipulated cinematography can not save this sinking ship from hitting rock bottom of the ocean. Come for the movie, stay for Amber Heard. That’s the only reason I managed to sit through the entire movie. By admiring all the flawless close up shots of Amber with her perfectly tousled wavy hair fawning at the camera where she either acting like a conniving bitch or playing the victim to lure her male conquests into a con.