Bohemian Rhapsody – watch this at cinema with amazing surround sound or regret it

First, let’s get one thing out of the way. This is a music biopic, so I highly recommend watching it at a IMAX cinema, a Dolby Surround cinema, or any cinema near you with an awesome surround sound system because the songs will make you want to sing along and bop your head to. If you are a big Queen fan, this movie will take you down a roller coaster memory lane because the songs are basically book marks in the events taking place throughout your life. If you just discover Queen from watching this movie, it will be the best intro to Queen’s music. But don’t expect historical accuracy like most critics who review this movie were anticipating. This is a story of Freddie and Queen as an entertainment motion picture, not a documentary. The film makers retain creative liberty to the timeline and Freddie’s life events for dramatic purposes.
The one thing everyone unanimously agreed on is Remi Malek’s incredible portrayal as Freddie Mercury. He wholly transformed himself into Freddie and it’s not small feat because he had to mimic the swagger and mannerism of the rock star to perfection. The shot by shot re-enactment of the climax Live Aid performance is the crowning performance in this movie for the whole cast, especially Remi Malek. This is also when the sound play the most important part in the movie as another supporting character, to remind us that Queen songs have been present throughout our lives since we could consciously recall.