Suspiria 2018 – a creepy movie that left you with many questions

If you are going to watch Suspiria, you need to know that there is an extra scene after the credit roll ends. It sets up for a possible sequel, or prequel. It is understandable because the original Suspiria was part of a trilogy, albeit rather unrelated series of movies that deal with disturbing subject matters.
This movie pay tribute to the early 70s Italian cinema by shooting the scenes in stuffily decorated rooms and venues with moody cinematography. The movie was plodding along slowly until it hits the 40 or so minute mark and take a turn into the suspense territory. Although early on, audiences were treated to a very disturbing and macabre scene to set the tone in what is to come. Dakota Johnson, Mia Goth, and Tilda Swinton are terrific in this movie. The story move along with foreboding certainty that a big, terrifying climax awaits at the end. And your instinct will be correct. But you are here to fully expect to be shown something terrifying, so your wish granted. This is not the kind of  James Wan type of horror movie you are getting used to nowadays. This is more like an indie art house horror movies that they made back in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Full of symbolism and abstract images. Does this make it a superior horror film than it’s current popular, money making counterparts? Afraid not, but I enjoyed it nonetheless despite having tons of unanswered questions after watching the movie. Questions that if you are desperate enough to find answers to, which could be found with simply googling them.