The Girl in the Spider’s Web – Lisbeth is back as the female James Bond

You are going to hear and read many critics trashing this movie for being a big departure in tone and storyline from the Girl in the Dragon Tattoo universe. I was skeptical going into this movie because it is essentially another re-boot of the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo series. There are some really strange casting choice that is a glaring mis-step. One of them is casting a young Swede actor (Sverrir Gudnason), to play the journalist Mikael Blomkvist. He looks the same age as Lisbeth. Another decision the filmmaker made in this movie that will enrage all the hardcore fans of Girl with Dragon Tattoo is that this movie chose to ignore the back story laid out in previous films. Instead, the movie started with a flashback of Lisbeth was a young child. The set up of that scene introduced her sister and father into the story line. There are many other inconsistencies in this movie if you are trying to link it to the previous stories in the series so you better not try if you want to enjoy this film. You need to treat this as a stand alone film in order to enjoy it.
Having mentioned all the above, I have to single out the incredibly beautiful cinematography that rivals the David Fincher’s version. The opening credit also continue the trend set by Fincher in his version of the opening credit sequence that look like James Bond’s opening credits.
In fact, this movie look very much like a very stylish version James Bond movie if James Bond is a female renegade computer hacker who know every trick in the new technology. Lisbeth is James Bond and Q rolled into one. Casting Claire Foy as Lisbeth is a stroke of genius. As the older and more calculated version, miss Foy breathe an air of fierce formidability into the character of Lisbeth Salander.
If you are new to the Girl in Dragon Tattoo series, you will enjoy this movie thoroughly. If you have seen or read all the previous movies and books to this series, you need to ignore all the previous versions and watch this movie as if all the other books and movies did not exist. With that mindset, you will thoroughly entertained by this movie. It has everything; interesting characters, service-able storyline, stylish and moody cinematography, great action sequences, awesome vehicle chases, posh settings, and suspenseful set ups. That’s more than what you get from most action movies you’ve seen out there.