The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – what a mess of a movie

For such a big budget movie, you’d think the film makers will at least make sure the script is interesting and entertaining before throwing money at the project. I guess nobody got the memo telling them the script they are shooting with will be too chaotic to watch and incomprehensible to audiences. Instead, Disney studio piled up the set pieces with tons of dizzying colorama props and GCI characters to compensate with razor-thin storyline. Mackenzie Foy is hypnotic to watch as the main character but that is the only good thing in this movie. Kiera Knightley is very annoying to watch and her limited acting range couldn’t be more apparent in this movie. Even Helen Mirren looked like she just show up to collect the check in this movie. The casts overall deliver terrible and forced acting work throughout the movie, probably thinking kids won’t notice how bad they are in this movie. Don’t waste two and a half hours of your precious family time by going to this train wreck. Go and do other quality family outings instead.