Overlord – an entertaining and suspenseful ride

After being hounded non stop by the trailer of this movie at almost every single movie I have seen since May, Overlord finally dropped at the theatre near you.
A JJ Abrams’ brainchild, the cinematography look lush and moody. Made with a modest budget in relative to the current Hollywood output, the movie did not dissapoint in thrilling the viewers. It started with a bang, much like in the trailer, where the novice soldiers were given a mission and dropped into enemy territory while being shot at by German planes. The first third of the movie sets up the premise and things get suspenseful from there. This is a WWII creature feature that is above B-movie level quality. If you are a WWII movie buff, this will thrill you. If you are a monster horror fan, this too, will be right up your alley. And if you like a suspenseful thriller, you’ll be totally entertained by Overlord.