A Private War – the truly dangerous lives of war correspondents

We all know that being a news correspondents reporting from conflict regions of the world is dangerous work. This movie shows you HOW dangerous it could be by plunging you in the middle of the mayhem along with Mary Colvin, the real life war correspondent who would risk her life to get the truth about the world’s conflict to the public who were unaware of them. Rosamund Pike pull all the stops playing the brave and tough Mary Colvin. There were many slow moments in the movie but you’d be grateful those moments existed because in between them, you will witness heart wrenching scenes of casualty of wars and helpless citizens attempting to carry on with daily survival. You will leave the theatre shell shocked, haunted by the visuals and heart brojen. But if you feel that way, imagine how Mary Colvin would felt experiencing them all first hand. It takes a very special someone who is willing to risk their lives to go to the most dangerous places in the world to report on them to the oblivion public. Mary Colvin is our modern day saint who martyred herself to expose the truth.