Creed II – don’t set your expectation too high

As if someone forgot to send out the memo to the director and screenwriter to make the final ring fight high voltage and exciting, so they made it look “realistic” instead. if you are sitting around through out the entire movie and get shown a service-able boxing sequence, you’d be disappointed too. Don’t get me wrong, the emotions were running hight heading into the final scene. Too bad the fight sequence couldn’t match the built up anticipation. Give me the Hollywood version of Rock IV final fight scene any day. I don’t care if it doesn’t look realistic enough. I will be more than happy if the fight look exciting, and the scene elicited many screams during the viewing in the cinema. I almost think that this script, if made by another director who is known for kinetic action scenes, will somehow be more entertaining to watch. All the drama and dialogues in this movie seemed a bit “off” to me. The chemistry between Adonis and Rocky seemed forced to me. The same goes between Adonis and Bianca. Their witty, playful banters from the original Creed movie had completely gone in this movie. While watching this movie, I kept thinking many of the scenes could be done better, the fight scenes could be more exciting, and the funny or tender scenes could be less forced, or at least wittier.