Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – I wish the movie is half as exciting as its trailer

The movie opened with a super exciting Grindelwald escape scene. It look like a heist movie that took place up in the sky. It seemed to set up the kinetic tone of this sequel. Unfortunately, It fell completely flat from there. Things did not really pick up until the final 20 minutes of the movie. I literally fell asleep about 50 minutes into the movie because it can not kept my attention since these dialogues and character interactions bored me and the people in the movie seemed to move in slow pace. The script definitely full with fillers in the second act. The first Fantastic Beasts was very exciting. This sequel reminded me of the second to the last Harry Potter movie, which story line was stretch out thin with fillers to turn that Harry Potter’s last book into two movies to line the pockets of the movie studio with more box office money. The only thing that is consistently amazing is the cinematography and mood of the movie. Visually, this movie is breathtakingly beautiful, from beginning to the end. But that was not enough to make up for the slow pacing in the second act, unfortunately.