The Front Runner – a very outdated story of political scandal

When I watched this movie and saw the media feeding frenzy over a story of an alleged affair between a presidential candidate and a sexy woman during the ’80s, I had a hard time connecting to that situation at a time when the current US president can’t even be impeached for lying and making up his own realities. It seemed like the press made such a big deal over a conduct that is  almost irrelevant in the current political climate. Hence my diminished interest in the heart of the story while I was watching it. By the end of the movie, when the movie did not even take a stand in either confirming or denying the alleged affair, my thought became “Why did they even make this movie about an event that has now become just a blip in the political news that took place back in the ’80s.” Surely there are other more interesting scripts out there with more compelling stories to tell than this one.