The Favourite – a very entertaining movie with a dry wit

Be forewarned, this movie is full of vulgarity and filled with mean characters. That’s precisely why it is so watchable and funny. A period movie that did not take itself so seriously? I am on board with that. Lot’s of very dry humor here. The movie get funnier as it moves along until the third act, where it just fizzled and halt to a dead stop by the end of the movie. To give the movie credit where it’s due, there are so many terrific moments throughout the movie. I am willing to overlook the boring ending and declare this a great period movie to watch because it is well directed, acted, and filled with many hilarious moments throughout. Directed by the masterful Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, The Killing Of Sacred Deer), this movie pulses with caustic wit from the terrific script and a top notch casts.