Tag Along: The Devil Fish – heavy handed direction & over convoluted story line

Most of the time, the big problem with asian horror films are the heavy handed direction, over convoluted story line, and the over-acting in the part of the casts. This is the exact flaws that plague this film. There are many foreboding scenes in this movie but since the film maker try to cram as many scary scenes into one movie, it get boring. The final third act that is heavy on CGI and a short cut to the solution to the haunting problem, pretty much ruin the movie for me. I was not aware going into this movie that this is the third installment fo the wildly successful and big box office draw horror franchise in it’s home country of Taiwan. This is the case where cross cultural taste did not translate with the taste level of movie goers in the western world. I have been watching asian movies since I was in the single digit age and I am well aware of the asian horror movie style from the early 70s to the Japan horror new wave of Ju-On and The Ring. This movie, to me, is an example of an overdone horror movie. Had they cut the scary scenes in half, streamline the story line, and remove the CGI in favor of a more realistic solution and not overdramatize the scene set up, this could be a decent horror movie with interesting premise. I almost fell asleep many times throughout the movie and must have yawned over 10 times, no exaggeration, throughout the movie. Are there any scary scenes? Yes, there are a few. But they don’t make sense when the story line is incomprehensible to make the connection between the scenes.