Widows – heavy on drama and suspense, not on actions.

This is a dramatic movie about a planned heist that took place at the end of the movie. The entire movie built up to the final scene. It’s not to say that this is a boring or slow movie. Far from it, the top notch acting from all the casts and the experienced director who guide the stars to their amazing performances made this movie very watchable and a cut above your regular run of the mill action movie. By now, I will watch director Steve McQueen direct anything. He is so on point with anything in his movie. From editing, choices of camera movements, scene blocking, etc, all pitch perfect. There are many reviews decrying about this movie being slow and whatnot. This is definitely not another Ocean’s 8, which have zero suspense and all style and no susbstance. Widows is the opposite of that in many ways. You feel the sense of foreboding from the lead characters and the desperation they exude from the grave circumstances surrounding them. Undoubtedly one of the better movie coming out this year.