Ben is Back – stressful but compelling

Lucas Hedges bagged two out of three teenage-boy-in-peril roles this year. The other movie he was in is BOY ERASE. While his talented counterpart, Timothée Chalamet, secure the lead role in BEAUTIFUL BOY, also a character about an addicted son in peril. Julie Roberts did a good job playing the mother of an addict son who is walking a very thin line towards the path of recovery. When the prodigal son came back home unexpectedly, you know things are about to go south and boy did it go south quickly in this movie. The director, who is the father of Lucas Hedges, did a good job eliciting award worthy performances out of all the cast in this movie. However, I have a feeling that the role of the mother would felt more sympathetic had it been played by someone other than Ms Roberts because she shines too bright to play a mother in distress and her star wattage (especially when she flash her famous smile) might be a distraction here. It pulled me out of the immersion into the story several times throughout the run time.