Mary Queen of Scots – I put this in the not-boring period movie category

Usually, I can’t stand period movie, especially anything to do with Shakespeare. I couldn’t understand what they are saying and I won’t pretend to be literary-inclined to sit through any boring Shakespeare stuff. I flatly refused. However, these new crops of period movies seems to have gotten a hint from the movie goers and actually put an effort in telling a story in an entertaining way as not to put their audiences asleep within ten minutes into the movie. One recent example is the very entertaining THE FAVOURITE. Now, Mary Queen of Scots seems to follow in on the footstep of THE FAVOURITE with it’s beautiful cinematography, accompanied by compelling story line. That’s where the similarities between two movies end though. For Mary Queen of Scots’ story line is leaning towards savagery, and blind ambition for throne dominance. Both lead actresses are terrific but the movie is about Mary Stuart, hence the title of the movie. Therefore, Mary Stuart commanded 70% of the screen time while Queen Elizabeth has to content with a supporting role. Nonetheless, Margot Robbie stole every scene she’s in and more than able to go toe to toe with her co-star when they finally meet in the movie. I was glued to the screen throughout and never felt bored during the entire run of the movie. Along the way, I learned something new about the history of British Monarchy.