Bird Box – great premise hampered by Hollywood ending

This movie has great, suspenseful trailer. however, I immediately associates the movie with the terrific A QUIET PLACE, which is as near a perfect suspense movie as it get. Like A QUIET PLACE, BIRD BOX does not bother to explain the origin of the catastrophe. It just descent on humanity all of a sudden like an invisible plague and starting to kill the people. Whoever see it will simply kill themselves. The movie jump back and forth from flashbacks to its current movie time line. There are plenty of tense moments of suspense and some parts really exasperate viewers by showing dumb decisions made by some of the characters in the movie that caused more trouble to the main protagonists. There is always one such character in horror or disaster movie whom you want to smack hard in the heard for being a total idiot. I was waiting for a big twist or a reveal of what have been causing all these calamities. Sadly, my anticipation was never rewarded and the movie end with a Hollywood ending, which is far from a logical conclusion to a movie with such formidable disaster-causing entities. Oh, in case you are wondering, the title of the movie referred to a box with birds in it. It’s sole purpose is to act as an organic alarm whenever the monsters in close proximity.