Mortal Engines – gorgeous Cinematography, lame story line

I have no doubt Peter Jackson’s CGI company did a terrific job with the visual effect of this mind blowingly beautiful visual of the movie. I just wish the story is not so boring and the characters are not such cookie cutters. On an ambitious movie such as this, we need a super evil villain to match the epic-ness of the story. Unfortunately, this is what’s missing here. The audience do not feel the sense of foreboding coming from the villain and there is almost no sense of suspense throughout the movie. I also feel that ALL the actors & actresses in this movie is grossly miscast. The ex model, ex New Age singer Jihae as the kick ass rogue assassin? Not buying it at all. She is the biggest mis cast person in this entire movie. The only saving grace is that I watched this movie on IMAX 3D, which is the ONLY way to enjoy such a visual eye candy.