Aquaman – you have to be a hardcore fan of Aquaman to appreciate this movie

The first thing popped out of my thought after watching Aquaman was: “This is going to repel many die hard DC fans who are used to the Zac Snyder style of cinematography”. This movie everything the Zac Snyder’s DC universe is not. it has popping vibrant color, almost cartoonish depiction of the underwater world of Atlantis. Another thing that threw me off was how futuristic the world of Atlantis look. Even the Atlantian soldiers dressed up like an outerspace Storm trooper outfit and flew around underwater in their futuristic versions of X Wing Starfighters. Apparently, to people who are familiar with the Aquaman comic aesthetic, the cartoonish depiction of underwater Atlantic does not veer to far off from the comic depiction. Alrighty then. This movie can only be appreciated on the giant IMAX screen because on any smaller screen, the underwater scenes just look very cartoonish. You can argue that in the movie Avatar, all the Pandora scenes look very much like cartoon as well. But that was decades ago. I am sure the technology to render a world building movies has improved leaps and bound. Case in point is the outer space aesthetic of Avengers: infinity war. There was a massive underwater battles in the finale some comic nerds labelled as underwater Star Wars. I disagree, it look so cartoonish that I could not immerse myself in the suspense like “The Battle of Five Armies” in The Hobbit. The same way there is zero suspense emanates from any battles from a cartoon animated movies made for children. There is, however, one breathtakingly beautiful underwater scene that’s lit by a single red flare. It was the moment when Arthur and Mera were forced to jump underwater to escape legions of the invading Trench creatures. You’ll know which scene I was referring if you decide to watch this movie. By the way, there is one extra scene mid-endcredit that does not really impress me. It sort of being just a throwaway for the sake of satisfying fans who had been trained by Marvel to expect after end credit extra scenes.