Vice – filled with Oscar worthy performances by an amazing casts

I was sold on this movie from the trailer alone. The movie lived up to the expectation of the trailer and then some. The movie revealed so many bts clandestine dealings on the corridors and in the rooms of the White House that the general public were not aware of but felt the repercussions of those shady dealings even today. The movie portray Dick Cheney as the real power wielder behind the GW Bush Jr’s 2 terms as the president. In the movie, Dick was portrayed as a boozy, party boy who failed his Yale University grade and flunked college. Working as a telephone pole maintenance guy, he had not much to look forward to except getting into fights and get piss drunk after work. It was Lynn Cheney who whip him back to shape and turned him into an ambitious young man who worked his way into the powerful Washington Political Circle under Donald Rumsfeld’s wing, whom he betrayed at the end. The director tried to liven up an otherwise dull script with many ingenious funny segments that jolt the viewers back from near boredom throughout the movie. The entire cast are just stellar, everyone move in synch like a perfect orchestra symphony. Christian Bale, again, disappeared into Dick Cheney character entirely. So did Steve Carell, who play the pitch perfect Donald Rumsfeld. Watching this master class in acting alone is worth the admission fee. You will leave the movie feeling shook by the abuse of power and rampant, unchecked corruption at the highest level that cost so many lives, both American and foreign nations.