Bumblebee – a redemption to all the previous sh*t transformer movies

Within the first five minutes opening of Bumble bee, I already know this movie will be much better, and different from all the previous transformer movies. The robots were designed to be more pleasing to the eyes. They have more body armors than exposed jumble under those hood like all the robots in the past movies. It is very apparent director Travis Knight is a much better director than Michael Bay with superior sense of visual story telling. The battle scenes are more coherent and easy to follow, the CGI looks nicer, the dramatic scenes are heartfelt, and most of all, the entire casts performances give Bumblebee a beating heart that connect with audiences. The same can’t be said to ALL the previous Transformer movies, which are loud with dizzying effect but have no heart and incomprehensible storyline, especially the last installment. That last installment is puređź’©
It’s a good decision made by the studio not to put the name TRANSFORMER anywhere near the title of Bumblebee. That name is now synonymous with TERRIBLE MOVIE in the mind of audiences.
Hailee Steinfeld carried this movie on her shoulder and she succeeded brilliantly. She own her character so completely that I can not imagine or evnision any other actress who can take on this role and give a performance as good or better than Ms Steinfeld did in this movie. This movie felt like a vintage Spielberg sci fi flick that has heart, exciting action sequences, and loveable characters. Big thumbs up from me. This movie single handedly revive the Transformer franchise after Michael Bay effectively killed it with Transformer: The Last Knight.