Welcome to Marwen – high concept to a sad, true story

I was intrigue by the trailer to this movie. Robert Zemeckis is the master of high concept story telling so I thought this would be a very special effect laden movie. I should have checked IMDB for the budget before I watch it. For a budget of 39 millions, it’s a wonder the director was able to make the doll sequences look as great as they are. And half of the movie’s action pieces took place on the constructed doll city of Marwen. However, unlike Zemeckis’ previous epic movies, this is actually a small scale movie about a guy who is picking up the pieces of his life after being severely beaten until he lost all his memory of his past. There are heavy drama throughout the movie intercut with the action taking place on the made up world of Marwen. Steve Carell and the ensemble casts of the women actresses did a fine job here. You will see some of the actresses in their human form briefly thoughout the movie. However, Diane Kruger as Deja Thoris, get the short end of the stick because she was only shown in doll form throughout the movie. It’s not a feel good movie per se but it’s a story of will to survive and moving on with life despite all the personal demon one have to live with.