Green Book – go see this movie asap

This should be in the list of must-watch viewing in acting masterclass everywhere. Viggo Mortensen transformed himself so convincingly, through physique and mannerism, into the Tony Lip character that you can’t help but hypnotized by his performance throughout the movie. Mahershala Ali proven once again that the Oscar he won is not a fluke. He delivered a solid performance that match Viggo Mortensen’s virtuoso acting scene by scene. Together they breathe real life into their respective characters that made this movie immensely watchable. This is as perfect as a dramatic movie comes to. It has a good storyline, a great script, nice drama, a healthy serving of smart comedy, great acting by the casts, and most of all, it has a great heart. Obviously, this is not a big budget movie so their marketing budget is not big, but I hope the good words of mouth will bring people to go see this perfect movie because we need Hollywood to produce more quality movies like Green Book. And less of those time-wasting crapola like Holmes & Watson.