Destroyer – dark,depressing but fascinating

This is the kind of role that usually go to actress like Charlize Theron but on this go round, Nicole Kidman fully embody the role of a physically and emotionally broken LA detective who is a shell of her previous self. The movie jump back and forth between the flashback of her past as an undercover detective and her current self-launched investigation on an old foe who seemed to have been the main cause of her fall from grace. Nicole Kidman went method to play the emaciated alcoholic cop who are universally loathed by both her family and colleagues alike. The movie reels you in with a fascinating lead character that make you want to find out what was the cause of so much destruction in her life. Just when you think you’re used to the movie’s flash back rhythm, director Karyn Kusama shock you with the realization that she had threw you a red herring early on in the movie that flip the script on what your expectation of how the ending might turned out. That was a clever stroke in editing and pacing make this movie a cut above from your run of the mills cop movies. But boy, this is a dark and depressing 2 hour long journey to go through.