Glass – the hypnotic pacing of M Night’s movie will draw u in but don’t expect too much.

Knowing that this is an M Night Shyamalan movie, one would expect a big twist ending. One would be right. The movie moves in a slow, hypnotic pace. Starting with an exciting re-introduction of Bruce Willis’ THE OVERSEER character and THE HORDE, on separate occasions. By today’s feature film standard, this is quite possibly the lowest budget superhero movie ever made. Estimated in the $20 millions ballpark, which by Marvel’s standard, is a mere chump change. And that low budget constraint really show on screen. This movie, much like M Night’s other movies, once again showcase his talent in narrative that led you to anticipate something exciting is about to happen at any moment in the movie. I don’t dislike the movie but maybe I had too high an expectation riding on it, Glass felt a bit underwhelmed IMHO. Once again, James McAvoy’s THE HORDE character is the most entertaining character in the movie. Without this fascinating villain, this movie will flop with a big resounding thud. If you had already seen UNBREAKABLE and SPLIT, how could you pass up GLASS and not complete the trilogy, right?