Furie – One satisfying ass kicking movie

This is the first time I watch a Vietnamese movie where the main character is a bad ass martial art heroine who’s out to rescue her kidnapped daughter. Furie receive the honor to be the FIRST Vietnamese movie ever to enjoy the US Theatrical release. The movie was shot in hyper-color glory which bask the night scenes and dimly lit alleys of Saigon with stylish color scheme that worked really well with those type of environments. It’s a race against the clock suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie. You’ll shed some tears and mesmerized by the incredible fight choreography in all the fight scenes, especially in the final show down. Furie effectively showcase Vovinam, which was created in 1936, is the best known and most developed Vietnamese martial art style, currently with more than 60 schools around the world. Vovinam practices intent to provide practitioners with an efficient method of self-defense after only a short period of study. This movie will remind you of how glorious it is to watch a well-made martial art movie that’s a throwback to those 70s Shaw Bros movies. Sure, there are story line that’s a bit of a stretch. But you are not here to watch a potential oscar nominated movie. Overall, it is a truly entertaining action flick.