Alita: Battle Angel – watch it on IMAX 3D

There has been many debate about how the main character, Alita is not relatable because she is a CGI character. I can relate because I was also hesitated to watch this movie for the same reason. However, once the movie started in IMAX 3D, all my doubt evaporated and I was totally immersed into the world in front of me. The chase and fight scenes are top notch. The movie overall look incredible on IMAX 3D. Anyone watching this movie should treat it like an amusement park ride because there is no better way to watch this on the big IMAX screen and in 3D because this movie was shot on IMAX format utilizing the actual 3D cameras, unlike most 3D movies nowadays where the film makers retrofit the finished movie into a 3D format. The difference is quite apparent and the screen pop-out effects are much more obvious. I sure hope this movie will recoup it’s very pricey  budget and James Cameron will make two more sequels as he intended to.