Close – another stand out action flick on Netflix

I am going to post stand out movies financed by Netflix more and more on this site because these movies are just as good if not better than many movies that are playing in the cinemas right now. Case in point, CLOSE, starring Noomi Rapace as the real life bodyguard Jacquie Davis . I am aware this movie has been around for a couple of months but it doesn’t diminish the fact that it’s a very good and suspenseful action movie. The storyline also did not pander to those lame Hollywood action flick mold. The movie showed Noomi’s female bodyguard character with all her flaws and weaknesses, tried her might to overcome deadly situation solely based on her knowledge in combat and wit. She is the personification of a new, cool female action star Hollywood has been missing since Linda Hamilton in The Terminator 1 & 2. A much, much better than average actioneer than one can anticipate. If you give it a try, the cracking opening sequence and the title credit, accompanied by that electronica version of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” should be enough to pique your interest in continuing to watch this awesome movie to it’s tense conclusion.