US – is not GET OUT. This is a horror movie.

I agree with pretty much most of the review that I read so far. This movie is filled plot holes. I mean… way too many questions arose for me to immerse myself into the alternate-world storyline that Jordan Peele tried to create. That’s true, many people were discussing the movie when they get out of the screening, but not in a good way like discussing The Sixth Sense kind of good way. People were comparing notes about how many plot holes they discovered throughout the movie. And that’s not a good thing because this show the script was not clearly thought out when Mr. Peele wrote and edited it.
I went in hoping to be wow-ed with something scary and original, but left feeling dissappointed. Or maybe my expectation was too high, anticipating a director who is also a fan of horror to write and direct something that’s new and original since I am sure Mr. Peele had seen many of the best new classic in Horror cinema. He proved it by assigning his casts to watch, as research materials, those nouveau-horror greats like Martyrs, It Follows, Let The Right One In, and The Babadook, to name a few. I wished he created something truly great, I really did. I suppose we have to wait and see what he come up with in his third directing effort because US does not fall in the category of a good horror movie, imho.