The Mustang – another Matthias Schoenaerts great performance

As you might have guessed from the title of the movie, this is a simple story about an angry, hard headed man who were set in his ways, become soften and gradually changed after meeting a wild horse in a prison animal rehabilitation program where he was serving his time in. This is a movie with award-worthy performance by Matthias Schoenaerts (“The Danish Girl”) as the convict Roman Coleman, and “an equestrian rehabilitation therapy program in a prison” story line that hasn’t been presented with grace and visual poetry, and you’ve got a film viewing experience with substance. Borne out of a Sundance Lab movie development, first time director Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre carefully makes this movie a visual cinematic experience and imbue it with grace, nuance and some substance. Most of the cast is non-pro, actual prisoners from such a program, who gave solid performances on the scenes they are in. Schoenaerts really steps outside the roles he is regularly recognized for, and for this reason his performance places him securely into higher category of actors. By this point, I will watch him recite the phone book. He is one of the finest and most underrated actor working today. Yes, the premise is simple, but the combination of great acting and gorgeous cinematography make this movie immensely watchable.