Shazam – the best DC universe superhero movie to date. Really!

You did not misread the title of this post. Shazam is really THAT GOOD! It doesn’t have a 120 million dollars CGI effects but it has something much, much more valuable, a heart and a good storyline with a very capable director to steer this script to it’s triumphant movie form. It has plenty of funny moments that felt earnest and genuine, unlike all the other DC universe movies where the jokes felt very manufactured to illicit smirks from the audiences. I know you noticed these type of forced comedy peppered all over Justice League. This movie will remind you back when superheroes movies were fun and exciting to watch. Another ace this movie has that every good superhero movie should have, is a formidable villain. As a super hero comedy movie, Shazam out-funny the Ant-man franchise in spade. You will genuinely get big belly laughs from watching Shazam. A fun movie to watch with the entire family.