Hellboy – the way it should be

In the capable hand of horror director Neil Marshall (The Descend, Doomsday, Dog Soldier), the Hell boy franchise finally get the tone correct. It’s also a good decision to completely ignored the previous two movies and go for the ultra violent and super gory version of Hell boy just like the comic intended it. God knows I’ve been put to sleep by the last Del Toro’s Hellboy2: The Golden Army. I go to see Hell boy for the sarcasm and action, not some quasi dramatic scenes and slow-paced art flick like the one Del Toro did to this franchise. To that end, my prayers were answered. This Hell Boy is loud, chaotic at times, filled with scary looking characters, and very rock and roll. The first act was a bit chaotic because the filmmakers tried to jam so many back story and kept introducing main characters in the first fifteen minutes. But things took a quick breather before the breathtaking fight scene jolt up the movie again. Ignore all the other bad reviews out there. If you like Hell boy comic, you will like this movie. Oh. and don’t miss the two end credits extra scenes.