MasterZ: Ip Man Legacy – decent fight scenes, bad directing effort

Directed by master fight choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping who did second unit director duties on The Matrix Trilogy, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and The Grandmaster (about Ip Man), the acting and very dated storyline in this movie feels like a throwback in the Shaw Brothers days. That is not a good thing AT ALL. The dialogue and storyline were laughable because of how old school they are. It’s felt like Master Yuen Woo-Ping directed this movie by recalling the old Shaw Brother martial art scenes that he watched back in the early 70s. He probably hired the same make up teams from the Shaw Brothers’ 70s movie shoots because they just made the actors look horrible. The mascara line under Zin Jhang lower eyes made him look effeminate and took him out of the leading man character he is suppose to embody. The female actresses make up look pale and/or cake-y. But I don’t want to nit-pick on the flaws of this movie. We all come to see this movie for the fight scenes. They are not bad but were too heavy-handed on the wire-works that made the actors fly around like Peter Pan, which had worked perfectly in martial art fantasy movies like Hidden Dragon Crouching Dragon, but failed miserably in this movie. Only the older Asian martial art fans will really dig this movie. It has a very outdated story line and ultra cliché scene set up. The western audiences literally burst out with laughters at many of the cheesiest scenes when they were not intended to be funny at all. This is by far the worst offering from the Ip Man franchise. It make me look forward to the upcoming “Ip man 4” where Donnie Yen will be reprising his role as Ip Man. I hope that movie will revive the reputation of the Ip Man franchise and make us forget this mediocre offering.