Teen Spirit – the little movie that could

I don’t know why the film maker roll out the first trailer to Teen Spirit showing Elle Fanning singing at the early part of the movie. Her voice sounded weak and there wasn’t many cool moment in the first trailer. I was not convinced after watching the first trailer that she could be a competent singer. Fortunately, while watching this movie, I realized this was a set up in the story showing Voilet as a very young and untrained singer. She gradually, as the movie progressed, become a very competent singer with strong voice. The movie was shot beautifully throughout with Anamorphic lens effects and stylish color grading. Although the story is not new and original, it’s still a fun movie to watch with no boring moments. The lead characters are likable and everyone love an underdog story. Big props to Max Minghella for turning out a lean, well edited and entertaining movie in his first directorial effort.