Savage – a great suspenseful thriller

Once in a while the Asian Cinema release a thriller so good that Hollywood can’t help but have to buy the rights to the movie and remake it. Savage is such a movie. This movie won an award for BEST FILM at the 2018 Busan International Film Festival . This movie is dropped in to the US market with zero marketing budget and effort. But fans to good suspense thriller catch on and words of mouth is spreading so this movie is starting to get audiences flowing in.  The story is set in a dying small logging town at Mount Baekdu near the edge of China with Siberia where the region is drowned in snow covered vista every winter. It start with a spectacular bang with a savage heist on a gold-bar-carrying security van that only can be orchestrated in that snow covered region. The scene was shown in the trailer but the rest of the movie was shrouded in secrecy for the audience to experience in the actual movie. And experience you will! This remind me of the old fashion western thriller but set in a modern environment. It reminded me a little of Tarantino’s THE HATEFUL EIGHT minus the long ass chatter that’s Tarantino’s signature with an amped-up intense stand off as the replacement. The movie is littered with bad characters who will betray and kill each other to keep all the gold loot to himself, with one badly injured good cop and a vurnerable female character wedge in between these low lives. Hence then intense suspenseful set up. Pass the 15 minute mark, this movie will grab your attention and wouldn’t let go until the final edit roll out. It’s that good.