Shadow – this movie is very slow but manage to redeem itself in the end

You’ve been forewarn through the title of this movie. The first hour move like a slow paint drip on just-painted fences. In fact the ONLY substantial martial art sword play is the one you’ve seen in the trailer. Yes, the cinematography is gorgeous as are the costume design. The cast though, are all unrecognizable by the western audiences and not the best looking casts either. I suppose this movie is aimed at the Mainland China and Asia audiences because nowadays that region is a lucrative market for movie releases, more so than the US. Having written all that, the story really picked up after the lull of the first hour and climaxes in a very gory Shakespearean conclusion. You need to sit patiently through the entire movie to appreciate the virtuosity of narrative weaving of the director. By the end, the movie redeem itself through the third act and become one of the better period movie ever released. However, if you come to this movie expecting some outlandishly choreographed martial art filled fight movie, you will be extremely dissapointed. The strength of this movie is in its story telling, cinematography, and editing. Not on second unit fight choreography exhibitions.