The Hustle 2019 – Skip this and watch the original version instead

For those who are too young to realize this is actually a remake. Yes, this is the female version of DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. Unfortunately, the female leads in this remake do not have the chop to convincingly play con women. Steve Martin and Michael Caine can run circles around these two ladies. Rebel Wilson always rely on cheap gags for laughs and they get old really fast. Anne Hathaway is just not convincing playing a sexy con woman. She is grossly mis cast here and the director wasted her talent by making all the wrong decisions in how she should play her role. One of the reviewer in IMDB title the review “cringe” , which exactly sum up my sentiment throughout the movie. You better off watching the original version which after all these years, really stood the test of time and remain one of the classic comedy that still manage to make me laugh out loud no matter how many times times I’ve seen it.