John Wick: Parbellum – more intense shoot outs and impressive hand-to-hand combats

The one thing I noticed in Parabellum that’s markedly different from the two previous installment is there’s more hand to hand combat sequences here. The one-on-one, or two-on-one fight sequences are breathtakingly well-choreographed. The year-to year martial art training endured by Keanu Reeve since the first John Wick really paid off here. His take down movements are much more fluid and he handle long fight takes like a professional stunt fighter. The gun battles has also been taken up to another level because John have to be tactically smarter than the two previous movies.
Halle Berry get into the fray this go round and her nearly year-long training really paid off as well.
I’m sure she’s itching to show her physical abilities after watching Charlize Theron flexed in her fight scenes in Atomic Blonde. Halle’s Sophia character exploded in to her scene with such furious energy that she stole the fierce fight scene from John Wick, who fought alongside Sophia in a super intense shoot outs and take down sequence shot in Morocco. Her character come and goes like a chapter in a book, just like all the supporting side characters in this installment. But Sophia is the most memorable side character in this movie, by a long shot. The final two hand-to-hand combat scenes with John Wick in the third act is worth waiting for. This movie does not necessarily have a bigger fire power than the second installment but the quality of all the choreography and fight concept are definitely better and much more exciting to watch. You will be handsomely rewarded with what you expect from a John Wick movie.