A Dog’s Journey – another tear jerker. But you already know that.

The final installment of this dog’s journey is a massive tear jerker. During my screening, everyone on my row can hear this lady behind us sobbing uncontrollably almost throughout the movie. The final 5 minutes of the movie is a legit tear jerker. You don’t have a heart if you don’t shed one tear at the ending. If you are a dog lover or a dog owner, forget it. You’ll be crying like you’ve never cry before. The story to this movie is more about the human around the dog, in contrast to the first movie, which is mostly about Bailey the dog. All the dogs in this installment act mostly as a comic relief and supporting role to the human but fear not, the dogs are still an integral part of the storyline. Full disclosure, I am a dog lover, so this movie really tug at my heartstring like nobody’s business. I am a sucker to the first movie. I don’t really care for the second movie in the trilogy because I felt like that second installment is more like a hallmark special movie or a lite rom com, which does not interest me as much as the first and this last one. I definitely get what I came for, a good cry and an emotional roller coaster ride.