Brightburn – Scary and suspenseful, a worthy watch

The trailer to Brightburn pretty much gave away the entire movie. However, seeing it in it’s original long form, the anticipation to the frightening parts really intensify the suspense of the scenes. This is pretty much a straight up horror movie. Instead of a demon possessed protagonist or a flesh devouring alien, you get an alien in the shape of a little boy who can do just as much, if not more gory damage to a person. This movie has just as much gore and violence as a disturbing slasher movie. Except the villain is an innocent looking 12 years old. The movie, cleverly edited to dispense the formalities of origin story of the baby by getting right into the here-and-now moment. There is nary a wasted scene that drag down the movie throughout. It is a lean and taut horror movie that’s a surprise treat to a horror fan, and a shock to other unsuspecting, casual movie goers. And you will never take the legend of Superman for granted again. I, for one, is glad the man of steel is a good guy and on our side.