Aladdin – Kid’s movie that adult can enjoy.

I had my reservation going into this movie after reading some reviews where Guy Ritchie received some critical beating for directing Aladin and make it more action-packed that it should be. After screening Aladin, I have to disagree with all those critics about Guy Ritchie’s directorial effort. Mr Ritchie managed to create a kid’s movie that grown up will thoroughly enjoy. His kinetic story telling and brisk pacing is a big plus to this movie and it’s what saved this movie from crushing boredom for adult viewing. Will Smith did a terrific job to display just enough flashiness not to steal the thunder from the two perfectly cast leads. By the time the song sequence for “A whole New World” comes around, you will be singing along to it. Aladin made me forgive Guy Ritchie for his disastrous “King Arthur: legend Of The Sword”. He proved himself a capable director who can jump different genre and did a decent job doing it. Not many directors from a serious drama or action genre manage to successfully direct a kid’s movies and make it adult-friendly (case in point, Steven Spielberg with his disastrous BFG). Now I can count Guy Ritchie as one of the successful few. Another director who successfully did this is Jon Favreau with “The Jungle Book”.