Dark Phoenix – An underwhelming ending for the 21 Century Fox era X Men franchise

By the time you read this review, Dark Phoenix must have gone through a full litany of review slaughter by critics and movie goers alike. First off, visually, this movie is not pretty to watch. It look like the first Hunger Games, very drabby and the CGI was being held back until the final ending battle as if it is running out of money for a full blown CGI movie from beginning to the end. I was surprised to find out that this movie actually cost $ 200 millons to make. I don’t know where there other $120 millions of the budget went to because the movie sure do not look like a $100 million budget film on the screen. There are no sympathetic characters that the general audiences (not X men fans) can connect with. From the get go, Sophie Turner is grossly miscast as Jean Grey. Are role this important require a higher caliber actress to take on. Or a new talent who can embody this emotionally complex, multi-dimensional character. For a movie revolve around a character played by a non-charismatic actress and add that with a producer who think he is capable of directing a superhero franchise just because he produced all the previous movies , you got a perfect recipe for a box office disaster. The film makers can’t force an actress they cast based on the sheer number of her instagram followers in a pivotal leading role to a movie audiences who have invested so much in this franchise. The audiences will revolt because they are not stupid and what you get is the Dark Phoenix box office disaster.
Now we just have to wait and see in a the distant future how Marvel can turn this ship around into the successful franchise it deserves to be.