MIB International – Still entertaining but not as funny as the previous ones

While watching the new MIB, I was hoping Will Smith will put in a surprise cameo to liven up and provide a much needed un-forced comic relief in this movie. Don’t get me wrong, this movie is still entertaining with mind blowing CGI eye candy. The one thing that’s lacking is the much needed naturalistic comic relief courtesy of Mr Smith. The storyline of this new movie also leave much to be desired. I felt the previous two movies were more original and enjoyable to watch. This new MIB tried to make up the comedic shortcomings with loads of CGI extravaganza. It worked, to a degree but it’s not the same. I am thankful to the film makers for not creating a romantic scenario between Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson because they make an awkward pair. They work as an alien fighting team but they have zero chemistry as a romantically involved couple in this movie. Rebecca Ferguson’s presence add the much needed sensuality to this otherwise straight lace movie. If you miss the action-comedy styling that MIB provide, this new installment will help satiate that craving.