Anna – A better than average spy flick

The director who invented the femme-fatale-driven action movies is back for another go round with this new spy drama. I categorize this as a drama because there is not much shoot-em-up action sequences in the whole film, which is not a bad thing. Because Charlize and Keanu have been doing these elaborately choreographed action set pieces so well in their respective movies, why try to compete on that front, right?
Mr Besson know full well what the current trend in action movies are, so he opted for a more spycraft-oriented storyline but managed to straddle the balance between dramatic storyline and occassional action set pieces so the movie won’t turn dull.
Sasha Luss is a perfect actress for the role of Anna because she is simply hypnotic to watch and she can act, which is important since she is in almost every single scene in this movie. Luc Besson has a knack in turning fashion models or novice first timers into bonafide actresses. His past ingenue muses had been Natalie Portman(The Professional), Rie Rasmussen (Angel-A), Cara Delevingne (Valerian and The City of A Thousand Planets), and now Sasha Luss in Anna. Incidentally, Sasha started her foray into big screen acting in Valerian and The City of A Thousand Planets played Princess Lihai Minaa, the blue alien in the opening of the movie.
Some audiences might complaint about the back and forth in Anna’s storyline but in my opinion, a straight forward narrative will kill the movie’s intrigue. So on this weekend, if you are up for a spy movie that’s a little different from the current offerings, Anna is the movie for you.