Annabelle Comes Home – a solid scare fest sequel

This third installment to the Annabelle sage did not dissappoint. By now James Wan and Co is an expert in giving their fan what they are looking for in the Conjuring Universe franchise. Foreboding sense of dread, multiple misdirections,  and insane jump scares. During my screening of this movie, the entire room turned into a big scream fest in the second half of the movie.
Granted, the second movie in the Annabelle Trilogy, which was a prequel, have a more robust storyline and fleshed out characters. This third installment is closer in it’s simple plot line to The Nun. This time around, the story placed three unsupervised children in a house filled with supernatural entities and you get yourself an enjoyable horror movie that doesn’t require you to stitch up and try to make sense of all the scattered story line like Hereditary. Definitely a solid addition to The Conjuring Universe and Annabelle Saga.