Yesterday – Great concept, average movie

This movie have everything going for it: a perfect cast, great concept, top tier Oscar Winning director, best soundtrack, and yet I feel like something is really missing while watching it. Richard Curtis had written some of the wittiest and sharpest dialogue in classic modern rom com such as Four Wedding and Love, Actually, but somehow he turned in a rather bland script for this movie. Lily James stole every scene she’s in and I just wish Himesh Patel project more charisma in the lead role but I suppose the character of Jack Malik is supposed to be a modest and  homely looking every-man who is a bit of a wet towel. In that case, he fits the role perfectly. The real star in this movie though, are the classic Beatles songs, which turned out to be the most expensive expenditure for this entire movie. The trailer made the movie look to be more epic than it really is. In reality, this is a modestly budgeted film befitting an indie category, which Danny Boyle usually does very well. I never like any of Danny’s big budgeted movie because he tend to crank out boring expensive movies. He really shines in low budget gems like Slumdog Millionaire and 28 days later… Unfortunately, he’s not able to polish this rough diamond into a jubilee heirloom. in the end, this movie, although quite enjoyable to watch, is really missing out of it’s ample potential to become an exceptional piece of modern, classic cinema.