Toy Story 4 – A poignant ending to the franchise

As someone who love the previous three Toy Story movies, especially the third installment, I find it hard to imagine Pixar can do any better than the serie’s predecessors. This movie come very close, but it’s still enjoyable nonetheless. Many people will not like this movie because it dealt with separation anxiety and emotional issues that are more befitting for adults. There are suspenseful chase and toys that might scare really young children. Pixar knew that the core audiences who grew up with this serie, which place them currently in their 30s and early 40s age group, will be able to handle this theme. Understandably, many children will be seeing this movie, so the story is peppered with cuteness and funny moments to distracts the young kids from the underlying adult theme. People will sob over the tender and touching moments and chuckle at the funny scenes. There are many end credit scenes peppered throughout the end credit roll. All in all, I enjoy this movie despite the fact it’s not breaking the high bar set by the last Toy Story.