Spiderman: Far From Home – Perfect balance between humor and big action scenes

Thank God this movie is better than Spiderman: Homecoming. Much, much better, I might add. The last Spiderman movie was disappointingly low tech, which bored me to death. The only saving grace to the last Spiderman movie was it’s humor. This time around though, Far From Home pack even more humor and really stepped up on the CGI front during it’s big action sequences, which make it that much more thrilling to watch. Spiderman is fighting his most formidable foe today. A good superhero movie need a strong and dangerous villain. Spiderman: Far From Home got the most dangerous one of all. I am not going to dwell much more into the storyline to avoid any potential spoiler.
Please stick around for TWO end credit extra scenes. The first extra scene will make you eagerly longing for the sequel to this movie. The second extra scene shows how the world has been changed forever because of the incidents in Avengers: Endgame.
P.S.: This movie look incredible in IMAX 3D, or even in plain 3D.
I guess the film maker took some visual pointers from “Spiderman: into the spider-verse” and really killed it in the 3D visual effect here.
Enjoy your fourth of July movie going experience!