Midsommar – This movie need its own genre category

The movie started casually but within 5 minutes, audiences will quickly realize they are about to watch something really dark and foreboding. The rest of the movie will leave audiences fearing they are going to see something terrible. And their instinct were proven right. I’m not one to provide any spoilers on my reviews, but suffice to note that the movie goers will be led down a dark and creepy rabbit hole with no way out. Much like Hereditary, director Ari Aster crafted a lean, mean, and strange trip of a movie that defy traditional horror movie categorization. You will walk out of this movie much like what has been described by most critics who reviewed this movie;  a feeling akin to coming out of a slow moving nightmare. I can’t categorize this movie as good or bad, which is quite interesting. I was simply glued to the screen throughout the movie. The slow pace rhythm was addictively hypnotic. Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor are simply magnificent. They were surrounded by a fantastic European casts that lent authentic vibe to the movie.